The Leader of High Quality Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer in Thailand.
Thailand's First ISO 9002 and TIS Fire Extinguisher Manufacturer

Founded in 1979, Siam Sophon Factory had manufactured fire extinguishers, fuel tanks, and air tanks. Ten years later, Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. was established in 1989 with the objective to manufacture high quality and innovative fire extinguishers.

Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. manufactures a wide range of fire extinguishers to suit a variety of purposes. The range starts from small size 2 lb (1 kg), suitable for automobiles and goes up to 120 lb (50 kg), ideal for high-volume industrial uses.




With the company's commitment to provide high quality fire extinguishers and to  satisfy customers, Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. decided to implement the ISO 9002 quality management system into our operation. With our effort and supporting from National Science and Technology Development Agency (NSTDA) - STQC, Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. is the Thailand's First ISO 9002 fire extinguisher manufacturer within 16 months.

The certificate was certified by SGS (Thailand) Limited under UKAS Accreditation Scheme (United Kingdom Accreditation Service) and Thailand Accreditation Scheme (NAC) in May 1999 and June 1999, respectively. The development represents another successful milestone in the company's pursuit of quality excellence.

  Since Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. has raised its operations to international standards, the company is stronger, more flexible, and better positioned to compete in the highly-competitive domestic and global markets to be able to provide a fast and efficient service to all our valuable customers.

In September 1999, our fire extinguishers were selected by the Department of Export Promotion to have Thailand's Brand Identity which guarantees the quality of product or service from Thailand on the world market.

  Our new product - fire extinguishers for home : new design called "PEAK" with an innovative equipment - FEMA (Fire Extinguisher Maintenance Alarm). FEMA will brink when the fire extinguisher is not ready to use. It helps users to check fire extinguishers easily by themselves.


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