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  • Siam Sophon Co., Ltd. supplies not only fire extinguishers, but also valves and accessories for portable, automatic and wheeled fire extinguishers which are suitable for dry chemical powder, water, foam, CO2, and NAF
  • All valves and accessories are manufactured by CNC machines which provide precision, reliability and standardization. Our research and development department designs and tests parts to make sure that they are reach high effective and quality. All phases of production process are submitted to statistic quality controls which allow to reach and maintain a high technology level. The result is equipment that performs better, lasts longer and costs less to own than any other brand.
 SSP produces fire extinguisher shells in three type of forming #1C1681with an extremly high tensile strength.

A single step cold deep draw process which yields a seamless steel cylinder.

A single step cold deep draw process with two piece assembly.

A three piece steel assembly consisting of a welded tube, a bottom closure and a top closure. In addition, we can supply items executed according to a specific request and/or drawing.


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